Free Angels download

Well, I’m exploring what it means to be a digital musician. It does require you create a digital persona. That is actually a construct and requires some work. It is an exciting opportunity to think that we can reach one another in this way. To make it more fun, I am experimenting with free downloads. You can download a free copy of my song, Angels, from the Terra Nova recording, Beyond the Gate, by going to my facebook page: Free Song Download (Angels).

I know I get more requests for this song than any other, and have had the opportunity to sing it at many benefits and special occasions over the years. It has become the featured song of an annual benefit I do with a number of others here in Chestertown, Maryland, every year called “Women Helping Women.” I get to sing it with an angel chorus of fantastic performers. This year we added guys to the line-up so it became “Men Helping Women Helping Women Helping Men” or something like that. It was a great evening and raised funds to support a medical clinic that serves low-income residents on the Eastern Shore. Look for it again late next Winter or early Spring at the Garfield Center for the Performing Arts at the Prince Theatre.


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