Name the Band Contest

The other day, Bob, Ford, Nevin and I were performing and I choked when it came time to introduce us.  I thought we could play on the multisyllabic, ethnic rhythms of the “Pamela Cardullo Ortiz Band.”  It worked for Boutros Boutros Ghali and all the NPR reporters (Lourdes Garcia Navarro, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, to name just a couple).  Alas, it just doesn’t really work.  So, we are planning to go with Pam Ortiz & ______ (something).  But we need a name for the band.  So, if you want to participate in this effort, go to my Facebook page and weigh in.  You can enter your own ideas or vote on someone else’s.  Be kind, though.  It’s our musical identity you’re dealing with here.  We’ll pick the name we like best.  The winner will a free copy of our forthcoming album release (of course we haven’t named that yet either!).

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