Sharing the Stage with Sombarkin






We had a great time this past weekend performing at the Norman James Theatre at Washington College in an afternoon of music to celebrate the civil rights movement and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The program featured about 10 groups including local performers, gospel choirs, and ensembles singing gospel, freedom songs and other music appropriate to the event.  Bob (Mr. Beret), Ford Schumann (far right) and I (the short one) were delighted to share the stage with Sombarkin which includes the phenomenal voices of (from left to right) Lester Barrett, Jr., Karen Somerville and Jerome McKinney, with special guest Norvel Thompson.  Our set included Lester taking the lead on my song, Rattle Them Chains, and all of us accompanying Bob on Julio Numhauser’s Todo Cambia.  Sombarkin followed with a great set of their own.  We were honored to be there with so many good friends for a powerful and reflective community celebration.




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