Celebrating 25 Years in the Arts – (furniture that is. . .)

On May 12, the Pam Ortiz Band performed a concert at Bob’s furniture shop, in Chestertown, Robert Ortiz Studios, as a part of Bob’s 25th anniversary as an independent furniture maker.  We had a great evening with lots of food, friends, and music.  Bob opened the evening with several songs including Por Una Cabeza, a Carlos Gardel tango from the 1920s which featured our 13-year old son Daniel on violin, and our 16-year old daughter, Sofia, on mandolin.  The Pam Ortiz Band followed, with special guest Mike Buccino on bass.  We’ve posted a few videos from the evening on the video page.

Congratulations to Bob on 25 years of great furniture, great art, and staying in the game!

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