Thanks to the Kent County Arts Council!

I am deeply grateful to the Kent County Arts Council for a grant I received to support the release of my new forthcoming album,Rattle Them Chains.  The Kent County Arts Council and its Executive Director, Leslie Prince Raimond, have a huge impact on the creative life of the Eastern Shore.  As residents we benefit from so much live art – musical, visual, performance and otherwise.  I just want to extend my thanks to the Arts Council for this recent grant.  I am delighted to have included a number of other Eastern Shore performers on this project including: Ford Schumann, Nevin Dawson, Karen Somerville, Lester Barrett, Jr, Jerome McKinney, Mary Ashley, and of course, Bob and Sofia Ortiz.  For a small community, many of us are able to lead rich, creative lives, thanks in part to the seeds planted by our local arts council.  Thanks for all you do!

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