Special Showcase to Feature Our Forthcoming Musical

I hear everybody has a musical . . Sting, Green Day, Cindy Lauper.  Well, we’re not going to stand by and be the exception!  For the last year and a half, Pam has been composing and writing the lyrics for a musical play inspired by the modernist novel Cane by Jean Toomer.  The project is the brainchild of Washington College poet and playwright, Robert Earl Price who is writing the “book” – the term for the script for a musical.

Musicals take a long time to refine, market and produce.  Rather than wait for the full production, we have decided to showcase the music from this project in a concert setting.  The concert will feature the Pam Ortiz Band along with Sombarkin, our friends and frequent collaborators, with narration by Robert Earl Price.  We are looking forward to getting you all in on this project in its earliest stages.  Stay after the show for a conversation with the artists.   We promise to keep you informed. Towards that end, we have created a special web page on this site where we will post information about the project.  Click here to read more and for details on the November 15-16 showcase (2 shows only) to be held at the Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre.  Thanks for your ongoing support for our music.  We could not do this without you!