After the Hurricane

Wake me from my storm-tossed slumber

Drive away the last of the rain

If you’re here then I’m fine, the sun will surely shine

After the hurricane.


The wind blew half a day from the east side

And then blew from the west again.

I cannot replace what was taken, I sure do feel forsaken

After the hurricane.


My baby went to care for his mother

Now I hear he’s holed up with Jane.

He thinks that storm was something, wait till he sees what’s coming

After the hurricane.


I bought myself a new air conditioner

Plugged it in but all in vain.

The wind tore off the plastic, and now it works fantastic

After the hurricane.


Katrina went down to New Orleans

She overwhelmed Lake Pontchartrain.

She didn’t behave like she ought to, left that city under water

After the hurricane.


Irene took a trip to New England

To see the sights on Lake Champlain.

She tore it up in style and left Vermont an island

After the hurricane.


I have a mighty tree for a headboard

Ulysses and I are the same.

But mine was easier to install — it came right through the wall

During that hurricane.


The rain falls on the rich and the poor man

The wind it treats us all the same.

But the wealthy have insurance, the poor just their endurance

After the hurricane.


©2011 Pam Ortiz