Bad Betty

Bad Betty, she got a mouth on her

Bad Betty she cuss like a mangy cur

Bad Betty, says what is on her mind

Bad Betty, stay out of her firing line

Bad Betty, ‘cause when the girl takes her aim

Bad Betty puts the world of men to shame.


Bad Betty, she’s thinking that things must change

Bad Betty, action’s her middle name

Bad Betty, this girl has got a plan

Bad Betty, better than any man’s

Bad Betty, she’s gonna rock your world

Bad Betty won’t behave but she’ll change the world


She’s stands up for what is right

She’s quick to act and slow to fight

She’ll make a million and when it’s spent

She’ll think about running for President.


Bad Betty, she’s got a job to do

Bad Betty, and she’s got a place for you

Bad Betty, her methods may trouble some

Bad Betty, but she’s gonna get it done

Bad Betty, Crocker is not her name

But Betty she can cook just the same


Bad Betty, call her in a pinch.

Bad Betty, ‘cause nothing will make her flinch

Bad Betty, where one man might start a war

Bad Betty’ll have ‘em talking like never before

Bad Betty, she is one super girl

Bad Betty won’t behave but she’ll change the world.


©2007  Pamela Cardullo Ortiz