Coffeehouse Redemption


You and I are rough around the edges

Working on those twelve steps and those pledges

Both escaped to rehab, saw it as a break

Now rehab’s gonna kill us, ain’t much more we’re bound to take.

Thank God the day shift’s tired of us, sent us to get some joe,

It’s time to add the caffeine buzz to the methadone

Rich man’s got his latte, we won’t fuss we’ll stay in back

Just give us something in the cup, and make it hot and black


It’s a cheap man’s psychotherapy, a poor man’s last resort

A fat man’s diet, a lazy man’s sport

Who’d think we’d find salvation in this bourgeois café dive

But it’s the coffeehouse redemption that’s keeping us alive.


Every café has one, that shiftless ne’er-do-well

Milking that one cup until it’s cold and starts to smell

Children should avoid us, keep their hands unto themselves

Business types avert their eyes, and gaze unto the selves

Baristas serve us cheerfully as if it’s just another day

But proprietors invariably send us on our way

We’ll read the daily paper ‘til they close the joint at five

‘Cause it’s the coffeehouse redemption that’s keeping us alive.


Copyright 2012 Pam Ortiz.  All rights reserved.