The Conversation

We go to bed at night

And you turn out the light

It’s then I remember that decision, thought or sight

It’s one more tiny peep

Before we’re counting sheep

I wonder if the dialogue continues while we sleep


How did we ever begin

This unending conversation?

Early on I wondered

If we would ever run out

Of things to talk about


At first it was our love

The starry skies above

The way our lives just fit so well

Like a hand inside a glove

The wine that we had chilled

The burgers to be grilled

The house we had to fix up

And the stairs we had to build


And then it was the toys

The diaper pails and noise

The dreams we had for each of them

Our little girl and boy

Savings for their schooling

Homework that was grueling

Lessons, practice, life and love

Computers and carpooling


Before long it will be

Social security

Prescriptions and podiatrists

And hopefully Tuscany

Whoever could have wagered

So much to be palavered

So many things to discourse about

Discuss and to belabor