The Heart

Sharon told Felicity, Felicity told me

That she’d seen you at the Bluebird

With a girl she’d never seen

Well, it came as news to Sharon and to Felicity

But the heart is ever knowing

So it was not news to me.


Because the heart goes more places than CNN

And the heart, it knows more than the world’s wisest men

And the heart, it reaches deeper than the oceans wide

Because you cannot fool your lover

Like you cannot fool a child.


I took a little test once I’d found in Women’s Day

On evaluating your lover and I’m sorry now to say

That the score you got was awful

And I knew right from that day

But it didn’t tell me anything

I didn’t know anyway.


They told me at the diner to go fix up my hair

And to find a man to love me, someone who would care

And they told me at the beauty shop

To leave that very day

But the one thing that the heart don’t know is

When to walk away.


© 2000  Pamela Cardullo Ortiz