Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)

I can’t make the sun rise a moment soon

And I cannot speed the phases of the shimmering moon

But I have eyes for suffering

And I’ve got a little perspective on these things

And the one thing I can tell you is your light is coming soon.

So you be on the lookout for someone bearing light

And you’ll find yourself an angel to walk you through the night.


Angels don’t always have wings

But don’t you go thinking that they’re not around

Because my favorite angels, my favorite angels

Are the ones with two feet on the ground.


You’ll know them by their laughter

The way they touch your hand

In many shapes and sizes

They are known throughout the land.


Wishing you an angel

To see you through

To reflect back all the brilliance

That is shining from you.


© 1991 Pamela Cardullo Ortiz