From the Belly of the Whale

Me and Jonah got a lot in common, we’ve been running scared

There’s a thing we’ve got to do, but we just ain’t prepared

Pack my bags and buy me a ticket on a westbound boat

Surely there’s a land where duty is not such a heavy load.


All my running, all my fretting, never did me no good

Every fear I fled from followed me until I was subdued.

Now I ride ‘neath the waves and the fathoms in the darkened womb

Send me back and I’ll go willingly, just rescue me from this tomb.


From the belly of the whale to the mouth of the sea

There can be no shortcut through my darkened destiny

From the belly of the whale to the mouth of the sea

I’ve got a reason, got a spark, I’ve got a candle in the dark

And a hand that guides me to the mark,

From the belly of the whale.


Every fall I ever took, gave cause for being risen

I suppose that there’s a reason I’m confined to this humid prison

So I’ll journey as a willing pilgrim, harnessed to a wave

Back from death to life I’ll travel ‘till I’m freed from this watery grave.


© 1993 Pamela Cardullo Ortiz