The Maid’s Tale

All the women that I know have married young and hard

By the age of 23 they have played out their last card

But I’ll not a husband take though it be fashion’s bent

‘Tis a maid I’ll always be, and my time be well spent


All my sisters like the birds have flown from out the nest

I alone am left behind to tend to all the rest

I’ve an aging mother kind who needs my healing hand

And a father failing fast, I will bury in this land


All those wagging fingers and those making match for me

Cannot conceive that I alone could ever happy be

But I work and toil the day and tend the ones I love

‘Tis not for them to plan for me, but only God above


All my sisters’ daughters, may they heed this word from me

If with a man you find your love then may you happy be

But if you find your spirit soars and cannot be held down

May you love your life the more and stand on solid ground


© 1997 Pamela Cardullo Ortiz