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Nevin Dawson - C
Nevin Dawson - D
Philip Dutton - A
Philip Dutton - B
Philip Dutton - C
Philip Dutton - D
Bob Ortiz - A
Bob Ortiz - B
Bob Ortiz - C
Bob Ortiz - D
Ford Schumann - A
Ford Schumann - B

About Pam Ortiz

Pam Ortiz is that rare songwriter who can touch people where they feel deeply, where they laugh and where they cry.  She did that for 10 years with the group Terra Nova in the ‘90s playing to packed coffee houses in the Baltimore, Washington area.  Her songs were showcased in the three albums that the vocal group recorded.

For the past 12 years she has devoted herself to raising her children, family and work.  Now, with a slew of new songs, a new album in the works, the accompaniment of a few old and new friends, she’s back with new songs, new stories…with her signature clear voice, turn of phrase and melody.   Songs that speak of who we are, what we’ve won and lost, how we love and live.

About the Pam Ortiz Band

The Pam Ortiz Band also includes Pam’s husband, Bob Ortiz, on percussion and guitar.  Ford Schumann on guitar, Nevin Dawson on viola and violin and Philip Dutton on piano and keyboards.